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Apr 1, 2008

The New Age Of Motorcycling - Riding Fast Versus High

Motorcycle Riders or simply "bikers" has come a long way from being associated as the road's "bad boys". Gone are the days that guys in bikes are seen as "show-offs" and tagged as notorious gang members. After-all, history has proven that those stereotypes are total products of purely exaggerated minds.

But now that those reel images are starting to fade from the public's general perception, it seems that a new generation of riders had emerged on the motorcycle scene, fueling a new height of sometimes what is considered a public nuisance, so as many people say. Just as any stereotype, sports bikes now represents danger and terror in two wheels.

At any rate, there are only a few of the so called "riders" who are what we now refer to as rebel bikers. Often, these riders are composed by young and aggressive individuals powered by the mile high rush of adrenaline and the toughness of their steel steed. They maneuver in and out of traffic, steering dangerously close to other road vehicles. Not only that, they also often do public performance of mean & equally dangerous motorcycle tricks referred to as motorcycle stunting or simply "stuntz" by the younger crowd. High powered and high speed, riders perform the wheelie, coasters, flamingo and standie, all of which are foreign, not unless you know how the rider lingo goes. Here are some of their stunt definitions;

Wheelie - A wheelie is a trick where the front wheel or wheels come off the ground and the vehicle is balanced on the rear wheel or wheels.

Flamingo - Standing up onto the seat and bringing one leg straight behind while doing the wheelie.

Standie / Stand-ups - The rider stands on his/her foot pegs while doing a wheelie.

Handstand - The rider does a handstand on a moving motorcycle.

Christ Air - The rider stands up on a moving bike. Mostly, they stand on the tank. It can also be done sometimes on the seat or passenger seat. It's been given the name "Christ" because the rider generally extends his arms while standing on the bike resembling Christ on the cross.

Today, there are lots of motorcycle groups which are already in formation. In the US alone, there are hundreds of stunt teams such as d-Aces, Controlled Insanity and Starboyz which do this stuff. The United States law is against "stunting" on public roads due to its susceptibility and threat to others, but many people still participate in this way.

Motorcycles kept on evolving in the past few years. They have continued to have more and more muscle power as cars do; however, motorcycles are a much more lightweight package. Suspensions, braking systems, and other electronics have all been engineered to sophistication, so new riders will not have much difficulty handling their machines. New construction and fabrication techniques have been developed so manufacturers can build lighter bikes that produces maximum boost in a more cost effective way. However, its complete power and acceleration can still jolt most riders, even the most experienced and skilled ones. And as far as motorcycle junkies are concerned, no matter what happens, these mean machines are here to stay.


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