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Apr 1, 2008

Ford versus Holden

Within Australia the two main car manufactures were Ford and Holden. Holden originally an Australian company, since brought out by GM and Ford one of the earliest sellers of motor vehicles in Australia, are thus both seen to have an Aussie history that other car builders just don't have. Because of this when it comes to talking to Australian Petrol heads, better known as Bevans, one to the biggest arguments is which is better Fords or Holden’s? normally referring to the Falcon vs. Commodores. Normally 6 cylinders, but they also both come in V8 editions.

Let me join the debate by saying both are seriously lacking.

In the course of my employ I have driven or been a passenger in both vehicles in a variety of demanding situations and at speed and I have criticisms of both.

In the case of the Falcon's, Ford has a long history of having what can only be described as 'loose' steering, in particular at high speed the Falcon's begin to 'float'. Just when you want a car to be holding stronger to the ground with great ground force they feel very soft on the road with the slightest bump pushing it all over the place. The latest editions of the Falcons I will admit have allot more pick up, power, acceleration, but without increased control this just makes it scary. Also at the top end, the pinging of the engine is a worry. The sound of the pistons hitting the head and producing what can only be described as a unique sound informs you this is not a performance vehicle.

Another problem with the Falcon is it goes into a rear end or tail skid very easily. That's alright for someone who knows what to do when this happens but very disturbing habit for anyone who's a bit green to driving.

The Commodores no Angel either. It does stick to the ground allot better than the Ford Falcon, but the latest editions seem gutless in comparison to driving a Ford. Further under heavy braking the steering control is not as good as the Falcon. Although not as easy as a Falcon to get into a skid, when it does skid it tends to be the more dangerous front wheel skid. Make sure the ABS is working or your in trouble. In both cars at speed you could almost swear the fuel gauge is going down before your very eyes. Given today’s fuel prices I don't know how anyone can afford to drive either of these large cars at around $100 a pop.

I can hear some people saying, come on, the Holden’s and Fords dominate Australia's premier race the Bathurst 1000. In response, its not hard to dominate a race where the rules are doctored to ensure that Holden's and Fords are the only real contenders.

Let's face it Falcon's and Commodores are made to be FAMILY sedans. Sorry to let down all you Bevan's out there, but they are designed for mum, dad and the kids. Unless seriously modified with sports packs and more, the average Falcon and Commodore is designed for a nice Sunday drive, not as a hoon mobile. If you disagree with this article please feel free to add your own comment.

(Please also note I strongly suggest you always obey the road rules and vehicle safety requirements. If you want to race or trial a vehicle do it at an official approved facility or circuit. Obey the rules, wear a seat belt, don't speed, stay alert and NEVER drink and drive - the article is personal opinion and should not be considered expert advice).

This article is the property of Alastair HARRIS and his immediate family. It may be freely republished over the internet but must include original links.


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