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Apr 1, 2008

Ford - The Most Responsible Car in UK

Around the world a new competition has introduced specifically in automobile market that based on environmental cars or green cars.

Ford Motor Company, which has already proved as a trusted vehicle company of peoples again proved their performance that they are still uncompetitive in autos market specially in environmental point of view.

In a survey named "Companies that Count" actually organized by Business in the Community (BitC) of Britain Ford Motor Company remains the most responsible corporate citizen among automotive firms in Britain, The blue oval scored 100 per cent in two of the survey's sections – environmental and marketplace management. Related questions in BitC's detailed audit asked how Ford set out its green targets, how it communicated them to employees and externally, and how it monitored the achievement of those targets.Ford was commended for being the first motor company to publish annual sustainability reports, according to BitC's published results for this year's "Companies that Count". The latest sustainability report sets out the companies global vision of offering excellent products and services while respecting and preserving the environment.

Ford offers one of the broadest low-CO2 vehicle ranges and continues to research a wide range of environmentally-friendly vehicle technologies. These include next generation petrol and diesel engines; alternative fuel vehicles, such as bio ethanol /petrol fuel motoring (where Ford is European market leader); electric hybrid applications; and hydrogen internal combustion and fuel cells.

The other highest performance area for Ford in the survey, marketplace management, probed its activities across the board from product development to component sourcing, marketing, sales and service.

Results confirmed that Ford considered the impacts that arose from its products during development, use and disposal. There are supplier recognition awards run by the blue oval to highlight best practice on sustainability among trading partners. Ford's global terms and conditions require suppliers to prove themselves as ethically-run organizations, respecting the human rights of employees and their own trading partners.

BitC represents over 700 companies, including Ford, that are working to improve the way that business affects society. In the fifth annual "Companies that Count" survey Ford was awarded an overall score of 86.5 per cent.

Andy Taylor, Ford's European corporate citizenship director, said: "Ford is very aware of the impact it has both as Britain best selling car and commercial vehicle manufacturer and as a major employer with well-established UK research and manufacturing sites. This success as a 'Company that Counts' in Britain confirms Ford's commitment to act responsibly." It really includes the new dimension of Fords proud history when Ford is little struggling in sales market.


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