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Apr 1, 2008

Honda and the New Diesel Powered Cars

In Europe and the rest of the world Diesel powered cars are the norm, where as in the United States most of our vehicles are gasoline powered. Generally Diesel is a much better for the environment vehicle as the exhaust is not a toxic to humans. Diesels put out CO2, which can be used by trees and plant life, while gasoline engines put out carbon monoxide, which can be much worse and even more dangerous to our human bio systems.

Honda already makes trucks with diesel engines, but as of yet have not built cars for the United States, which use diesel fuel. Imagine running bio-diesel fuel in your personal Honda Car? Well, Honda engineers already have and are almost ready to release them to the consumer market and you will soon be seeing them in Honda Auto Dealerships across the nation.

There are many diesel Honda cars in Europe in fact they do maintain a decent market share there now. The Diesel Honda cars spew out just a little too much soot for the US emissions rules of the Air Quality Management Districts and EPA. These Honda vehicles get excellent fuel mileage, which will make owners very happy and save them lots of money, even though currently Diesel Fuel prices often run slightly higher than the gasoline prices in the US.

These diesel vehicles will most likely be considered for the larger of the Honda Vehicles, including their new pick-up, SUVs and six cylinder Honda Accords, while they are focusing on the Hybrids for the smaller lighter weight cars. We shall see if this strategy works well for Honda, it should. Think on this.


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