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May 30, 2008

Renault koleos '4x4 outside, Renault inside'

“4x4 outside, Renault inside”, the baseline for both ad campaigns, underlines the vehicle’s genuine off-road qualities while enhancing the customer purchase, be it rational (choosing Renault for its ingeniousness and renowned minivan expertise) or emotional (choosing the brand for the values it represents: friendliness and open-mindedness).

The first campaign, “Super 8”, is intended mainly for Western Europe, where cars reflect lifestyle. Designed as a “Brand” story, the campaign pays homage to famous Renaults from the past, retracing a half-century of automotive innovation. Since the legendary AG type “Taxis de la Marne”, Renaults’ popular and emblematic cars have made a lasting impression that people recall with fond memories of shared times.

From the 4L to Twingo via the Renault 5 and Espace, models of the Renault range have always transported their occupants with conviviality on all types of terrain. The “Renault Spirit” is also suggested in the music of the ad, “I’m Free” by the Rolling Stones, which alludes to the “revolutions” of the 20th century as seen from behind the wheel of Renault cars.

The second campaign, “Himalaya”, targets countries where cars tend to express the social status of their owners. With a firm focus on the essence of the Koleos product qualities – real off-road capabilities but without any compromise on comfort for passengers – the ad features experienced mountain climbers who climb to the top of a mountain only to find a family and its Koleos.

The “Himalaya” ad will be aired from May 26, followed by the “Super 8” campaign from June 1 in Europe.

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