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Jun 14, 2008

Renault worldwide sales up 4.7%

In May 2008, the Renault group sold 219,801 vehicles (PC+LCVs) worldwide under its three brands. Renault, Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors, up 1.1% compared with 2007. Renault reported a 4.7% increase in worldwide sales, while Dacia and Renault Samsung Motors posted a fall in sales of 21.6% and 9.7% respectively.

In Europe1, the market contracted strongly (-7.3%) but Renault group sales held up well at 140,412 units in May, a downturn of just -0.7%. The group increased its market share by 0.7 points to 9.2%. Renault remained in second position for PC+LCVs sales for the second month running. France2 turned in strong figures, with a 17% leap in registrations in May, consolidating Renault's No. 1 position in this country with market share (PC+LCVs) of 25.4%. Renault also posted strong sales increases in the Netherlands (+48.5%), Belgium (+10%), Switzerland (+8.5%) and Austria (+3.9%), where markets were also dynamic.

New Twingo more than doubled sales with 12,254 units sold. New Laguna sold more than 9,600 units, while Laguna Estate has totaled nearly 20,700 sales since launch. Laguna GT, launched this month, received a warm welcome from the first customers and the sales network. Sales of Clio Estate (4,577), Kangoo car (3,969), Modus and Grand Modus (7,731) remain buoyant.

In Europe in May, Dacia sales were on a downward trend (-18.3%) compared with the high levels of 2007, which correspond to Logan MCV's first months on the market. Sandero, which makes its debut in June, will expand a range currently made up of Logan sedan and Logan MCV.

Outside Europe, Group sales rose 4.4%
In the Americas region, in a market that expanded slightly (+4.9%), the Renault group continued to report strong sales growth (+21.6%) driven by Brazil and Argentina. In Brazil, Group sales doubled to total 11,221 units. In Argentina, sales grew by more than 36.8%. Sandero is a success in the region. It has sold more than 16,800 units in Brazil and Argentina since launch.

In the Euromed region, in an expanding market (+17.5%), Renault group sells fell by 5.6% in May. In Romania, the Group maintained market share of more than 34% despite a downturn in sales (-40.2%) that can be attributed to two factors: buyers waiting for the launch of Sandero and the arrival in June of a vehicle scrappage scheme. In a highly dynamic Russian market (+22.4%), sales totaled more than 10,700 units in May. In Morocco, sales once more reached a record high, surging by 18.9%. In Algeria, sales continued to grow steadily (29.7%).

In Asia-Africa, the Group posted sales growth of 8.4% in May on an expanding market (+6.4%). RSM sales in Korea fell by 9.3%. A total 1,531 Logan units have been sold in India and more than 4,400 delivered to Iran.

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