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Jun 5, 2008

EMTA continues to report greater than 10% savings in fuel economy

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. - EMTA Holdings, Inc, an energy and fuel conservation company and maker of XenTx, Synergyn and other engine treatment and fuel efficiency products, today announced that its engine treatment product XenTx was comprehensively tested in an additional township in Michigan and again yielded net fuel savings that exceeded 10%.

These results were on the heels of the successful test conducted in the City of Madison Heights, Michigan. With this continued success in testing results, the Company will receive additional orders to treat vehicles for the City of Clinton Township, Michigan. This initial order was secured through the Company's relationship with Green Performance Systems, Inc. ("GPS") an American commercial distributor for XenTx Extreme Engine Treatments.

The City of Clinton Township, Michigan was the second in a group of 13 municipalities to test XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment. The City objective is to save money City wide on fuel costs while cutting emissions and improving the lubricity of the ultra low sulfur fuel to cut maintenance costs. This program can be instituted in the Water Dept, Fire Dept and DPW Dept. Truly, a City wide approach. The positive tests mean bulk sales of product to this City and all the Cities in the group of 13 municipalities.

The City has been testing XenTx in several vehicles for the city, including gas and diesel powered vehicles. As the chart below shows, test results from a 2005 Ford Crown Vic police pursuit vehicle treated with XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment showed a 14% mpg increase in fuel mileage -- an increase from 10.73 mpg to 12.50 mpg.

Testing results for a 2001 Ford Expedition showed improved fuel mileage from 16.20 mpg to 19.20 after treated with XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment -- a 16% mpg increase, results for a 2003 Ford F450 Diesel pick-up truck showed improved fuel mileage from 6.40 mpg to 8.80 mpg after treated with XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment – a 27% mpg increase and the results for a 2007 Ford F350 pick-up truck showed improved fuel mileage from 8.80 to 10.60 after treated with XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment -- a 17% mpg increase. Because of these continued, very significant results the remaining 11 municipalities are expected to add XenTx Extreme Engine Treatment to their vehicles.

"Clinton Townships performance validation of XenTx in their vehicles will help demonstrate to other Michigan communities the economic benefits XenTx has on improving fuel mileage. Communities are struggling to find ways to offset the rising cost of fuel -- we help by improving fuel consumption with the XenTx system. Communities have limited fuel budgets and it is important to GPS to help stretch those dollars."

Clinton Township Water Dept. supervisor, Rich Amormino says, "The product is working and we've noticed a mile per gallon improvement in the test vehicles. We are looking forward to seeing how this product can continue to save the township money."

EMTA Chief Executive Officer, Ed Lonergan, commented, "We are excited to provide energy efficient and cost saving products that help cities reduce emissions, increase fuel mileage and save on their operating expenses."


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