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Mar 31, 2008

Review On Hybrid Car Technology

The biggest question popping these days is that, what sort of vehicles are we actually going to be driving in the future? This question has stirred many minds and brains as world oil reserves are dwindling to such a worrying degree that the tip is we could actually run out of that black gooey stuff in about 50 years time. So what is the alternative left with us considering that there will be no black gold after few years? The answer is Hybrid Cars which will run on alternative fuel i.e. solar battery without emission of toxic substances in nature. But are reliable, will they perform well in future? These kinds of questions are just common these days.

Car is now part of daily life and culture, so it's difficult to imagine getting from one place to another without it, irrespective of distance. The future of the car, as we know, is doomed because of emission of large chunk of our greenhouse emissions, and fossil fuels set to become more costly before eventually running out. Thus this has resulted car manufactures to give a deep thought and are serious about alternative ways to produce engine power.

In other words we can say that it is all about developing the car of the future, a vehicle that will be both greener and more efficient. This is when hybrid car makes its entry. Hybrid car these days is gaining popularity as it is not only cheap but also easily affordable. This means owing this car won’t create any environment hazards and also won’t burn hole in your pocket. But is hybrid car reliable and bankable option? The answer is somehow yes, considering current trend of auto industry

A car with Hybrid technology has two engines, side by side, under the bonnet. This means an electric engine here and a petrol engine there. Seeing today’s cars we come to know that majority cars driven by one or the other engine. This means not that cost effective. Thus, for better mileage and maximum performance, you get them both chiming in together, so you get more power. This can only be found in hybrid cars. That’s why people prefer them over others.

In hybrid car the electric engine also charges the batteries, and that neatly gets you around the old problem of electric cars of having to plug it into the mains overnight. This means no need to worry about recharging too. But one of the biggest disadvantages attached with hybrid cars is that they needed big, heavy battery packs which took up all of the back seat. But this is also now rectified as now you get a full four-seater capacity and enough room in the luggage space for two or three small dogs or maybe even one really big one.

Thus, we can now say that hybrid car is the best and safe option to go for. Visit Author's site to learn more on hybrid car technology.

Author is business analyst of Automobile industry. Visit hybrid car information to learn more on hybrid vehicle. Gas and Electric car is an excellent report on the latest hybrid car technology trends.


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