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Mar 31, 2008

Auto Industry Favorites, Taken for a Ride

Recently we saw Ford and GM both offer super discounts on their cars and SUVs as sales were down and the Japanese imports had gained ground on them. Ford announced massive layoffs and GM also hinted at closing some plants. In the past five years we have seen much discounting in the form of incentives, zero-zero financing, rebates and now these companies are both offering the same discounts that they give to their employees to the general public. It is almost as if no one heeded the warnings of the increased fuel prices and Deming Era all over again. To fully understand this cycle and competition between Domestic and Foreign Automakers I would like to recommend a book to you.

“TAKEN FOR A RIDE,” By Bill Vlasic.

This book is about Chryslers merger with Daimler Benz. It starts when Kerkorian and Iacocca tried to strike a deal and takes you through the Daimler Benz merger. Very interesting and it takes a hard look at the differences between American and German Corporate styles, attitudes and disciplines. I recommend the book to those who talk about the Daimler Chysler merger and its affect on the trucking industry, automobile industry and European/US Corporate mergers.

The book also highlights the problems leading up to the proposed solution. I would also recommend the book; “Ford” and “What is Good for GM is Good for America” because you will begin to see how much emphasis is put on sales and profits and how this effects so many lives of American workers who hang in the balance. Read and Think, always and forever.


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