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Mar 31, 2008

Bike Racks

A bike rack is a device to which you can securely attach a bike to prevent it from getting stolen. The securing part is normally done by means of a bike lock. The bike rack, in turn, is fastened to the ground or to a solid, immovable structure like a wall.

Earlier bike rack models often allowed the user to secure one wheel. This one wheel could be secured to any device, such as a grooved piece of concrete in the ground or a piece of metal into which the wheel of the bike is placed.

These early means, however, were not very effective, since all a would-be thief needed to do was to detach the wheel that was secured. He could then free the rest of the bike and that was normally the last that one saw of the "secured" bike.

A further disadvantage of these racks was that they did not offer the bike much support. All it took was for one bumbling passerby to push one of the cycles over and pretty soon, one was seeing the domino effect in action. These types of racks were commonly called "wheel benders."

Bike racks have come a long way from those humble beginnings. A more modern version of these bike racks was pioneered in Sheffield, England, and are hence called Sheffield racks. These devices consist of a thick metal bar shaped somewhat like a square arch. The top part of this rack is on the same level as the top bar of the bike frame. This top part allows the frame to be secured by supporting the bike.

There is another type of bike rack that is popular with bikers. There is the kind that can be attached to any automobile, like a bus for example, to transport bikes. There are bike racks to suit virtually every need. Bike racks are not only used in private homes but also at schools, universities, apartment buildings, retail stores, and government agencies.


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