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Jan 24, 2008

Dilip Chhabria - Car Designer India - Infibeam.com

An alumni of Art Centre Pasadena in Transportation Design, he heads a company under his own name D.C. Design offering Styling and Prototyping services to the automotive industry. His is a case of a designer who chucked a secure job at the Design Centre in Warren, Detroit at General Motors with plans to work for his own brand. On his return to India he first started his own entrepreneurial venture in Automotive accessories, which ran successfully for 10 years.

This exposure gave him insights into consumer buying behavior and decision making for products ranging from a couple of Rupees to high value items. It also gave him a hands on understanding of various materials and processes, a key learning for an enterprise offering Styling and Prototyping services based on the capabilities of a single resource.

In 1993 with enough capital to invest in his dream of designing complete cars, Dilip Chhabria started the company in its present form, shutting down the successfully running accessory business, to focus exclusively on the new initiative. 13 years down the line that one mans dream and vision has translated into a 300-man organization with over 550 exclusive designs on the road, a dream of every designer. As a result the company enjoys a brand in India that has a huge following and is associated with churning out eye catching and exciting products.

The company’s client list spans a wide spectrum of automotive OEM’s in India to high net worth individuals to corporate with specific needs. The company started marketing its services in Europe and within the 1st year achieved a prestigious breakthrough in the form of an order for prototyping the new Aston Martin, Renault, Ford and GM successfully competing against the Established European service providers. The project was successfully completed delivering on all aspects of quality, cost and time.

All DC concepts come with highly developed automotive Interior surfaces including IPs, glazings, seats, door trims etc.and infact among the first accessory in his young days was an IP as an aftermarket. DC Design has evolved into showcasing a customer interface IP commissioned by Renault, displayed at Paris Auto Show in Sept. 06, and have developed a Touch Screen for all automotive functions and viz: Aircon, lights, Audio & Video through proprietary software manifested hardware used in most of our customizing exercises.

His has been a case of Design being used as a differentiator and driver to build an entrepreneurial business model in a country where words like design, aesthetics and styling were unheard of especially in the automotive sector.

His hobbies, pastime, relaxation, are all rolled into a single-minded passion for designing cars.

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